The region of Western Macedonia has been traditionally linked to the energy sector with the exploitation of non-sustainable and pollutant energy sources.  A Just Transition Development Plan for lignite-dependent areas has been developed to adopt a differentiated mixture of electricity production and foster the transition of the region’s economy. 

The region’s strong academic and business eco-system will lead this transition in which the agri-food sector, mobility and digital innovation will play a crucial role as the backbone of the new economic system. 

It is essential to optimise the transition towards green mobility, identify and support green and fair agri-food supply chains and integrate digital solutions to enhance the attractiveness of the region’s areas that are under transition. Under this light, three cases are prioritised:

  1. Diversification of clean energy (RES and H2) and clean mobility through the production, transfer and storage of PV and H2 energy and consumption in Ptolemaida and Kozani KTEL PT buses 
  2. Incorporation of green agriculture and circular economy through the application of CO2 capture/emission reduction technologies in farms and transfer, storage and reconsumption of CO2 in farms (link to the circular economy park) 
  3. The transition of Kozani to a zero-pollution city supported by a new open Living Lab and Data Space                                                                          

The vision of the TSL

Diversification of the economy through climate-neutral energy.

Western Macedonia TSL focuses on accelerating a fair and inclusive transition based on the pillars of:​

● energy
● mobility, ​
​​​​​​​● agriculture/food production and ​
● circular economy, ​

Aligned with the region’s main objective towards achieving climate neutrality, the transition follows a cross-sectoral approach facilitated by digitisation, with close collaboration with all relevant stakeholders of the quadruple helix from different sectors and emphasis in civil society engagement. ​

Regional contact

Panagiotis Ptochoulis

Project Manager
Regional Development Agency
of Western Macedonia, Kozani​​​​

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