The region of Western Macedonia has been traditionally linked to the energy sector with the exploitation of non-sustainable and pollutant energy sources. A just transition development plan for lignite-dependent areas has been developed to adopt a differentiated mixture of electricity production and foster the transition of the region’s economy. 

The region’s strong academic and business eco-system will lead this transition in which the agri-food sector, mobility and digital innovation will play a crucial role as the backbone of the new economic system. 

It is essential to optimise the transition towards green mobility, identify and support green and fair agri-food supply chains and integrate digital solutions to enhance the attractiveness of the region’s areas that are under transition. Under this light, three cases are prioritised:

  1. Digital twin as enabling tool for optimisation of multiple electric power storage solutions & buses as multimodal electrified modes of operation in region’s public transport and the city of Kozani’s urban & suburban area;
  2. CO2 emission reduction & capture technologies for green and fair agri-food supply chains;
  3. New open lab for facilitating the digital transition of Kozani, to a smart city and supporting the incorporation of circular economy in Smart Urban Mobility & digital economy implementation (co-creation & co-design). 

The vision of the TSL

Diversification of the economy through climate-neutral energy.

Western Macedonia TSL focused on accelerating a fair and inclusive transition based on the pillars of:​

  • energy, ​
  • mobility, ​
  • agriculture/food production and ​
  • circular economy, ​

Aligned with the region’s main objective towards achieving climate neutrality facilitated by digitisation following a cross-sectoral approach, with close collaboration with all relevant stakeholders of the quadruple helix from different sectors and emphasis in civil society engagement. ​

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