TRANSFORMER project partners, Matthias Kiese, Ruhr University Bochum, and Dmitri Domanski, Business Metropole Ruhr, will be actively participating in the upcoming EURICUR Workshop: "Green Transformation of Industrial Cities" on 18 January 2024, in Duisburg.

Hosted by the research network EURICUR, the workshop aims to explore the challenges and opportunities in sustainable urban and regional development. It provides a platform for collaboration among stakeholders from science, cities, regions, corporations, and political decision-makers, working together to influence the green transformation of cities and regions in future EU projects.

Matthias Kiese will contribute to a plenary session, focusing on "Regional Transformation Capacity." Dmitri Domanski will discuss the TRANSFORMER Project under the theme "Innovation through Regional Living Labs." 

For more information about the workshop and the contributions of our project partners, visit Duisburg Business and Innovation.