As the TRANSFORMER Project draws to a close, the Final Conference in Bochum, Germany, on 18-19 July 2024, will celebrate its two-year journey and achievements. This event will focus on the Transition Super-Lab (TSL) approach, emphasising strategies to achieve climate neutrality.

The conference will explore comprehensive project results, including the Roadmap, Transition Model, and Assessment Frameworks, which provide actionable strategies and benchmarks for regions transitioning to sustainable practices. Detailed presentations will showcase the outcomes and impacts of various Transition Super-Labs, highlighting successful initiatives that can be replicated elsewhere.

Key highlights include:

  • Presentation of Project Results: The Roadmap, transition Model, and Assessment Frameworks will be unveiled, offering guidance for sustainable practices.
  • Showcasing Transition Super-Labs: Successful initiatives and their impacts will be demonstrated, providing replicable models for other regions.
  • Highlighting Follower Regions: Experiences and success stories from TRANSFORMER follower regions will be shared to inspire the adoption of the TSL approach.

Additionally, panel discussions will cover essential topics such as transition management, innovation strategies, and cluster strategies, exploring the challenges and opportunities in driving the green transition. The event will also feature interactive workshops and site visits in the Ruhr Area, providing participants with hands-on experiences and real-world examples of successful transition initiatives.

Above all, the TRANSFORMER Final Conference seeks to create a platform for debate and knowledge exchange among actors from across Europe and various societal sectors. This collaborative approach is crucial in ensuring that the insights and innovations generated by TRANSFORMER inspire future projects and are adopted by other regions.

In the run towards carbon neutrality, it is only through catalysing the adoption of sustainable practices that European regions can collectively achieve their shared sustainability objectives. Therefore, the conference represents a celebration of past achievements and a crucial step towards a greener, more inclusive future for Europe.

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