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TRANSFORMER Project is getting ready for its anticipated event titled "How to accelerate the shift to climate neutrality? Designing inclusive solutions for regions." Scheduled to take place on 7 February 2024, the event aims to foster a constructive dialogue among stakeholders from various sectors across Europe, focusing on Transition Super-Labs and their role in facilitating Europe’s green transition. The event will take place in Brussels but attendees have the option to join online, making it accessible for people across the globe. 

The event seeks to underscore the significance of the Transition Super-Lab approach by sharing insights from nearly one and a half years of project work. It will delve into discussions on how regions can serve as key transformers for achieving climate neutrality. 

The agenda for the event is packed with informative presentations and an engaging panel discussion, commencing with a warm welcome by TRANSFORMER project partner Matthias Kiese from  Ruhr-Universität Bochum, followed by a keynote address from Joachim D'Eugenio, Adviser on Zero Pollution at DG Environment, European Commission.

The event will also feature an introduction to the concept of Transition Super-Labs by Gerd Schönwälder, an Independent Researcher and Consultant. Schönwälder's presentation will delve into the components and advantages of Transition Super-Labs, positioning them as a viable solution for addressing the challenges of transitioning to climate neutrality. 

Further enriching the discussion, Georgia Ayfantopoulou, Deputy Director and Research Director at the Hellenic Institute of Transport of CERTH, will share preliminary results from the TRANSFORMER project. Ayfantopoulou will underscore the importance of a cross-sectoral approach to achieve climate neutrality. 

The event will feature a dynamic panel discussion titled "Designing inclusive solutions for regions," moderated by Wolfgang Backhaus, Managing Director at Rupprecht Consult. The panellists, including Ayfantopoulou, Adrian Hiel from Energy Cities, Börje Wichert from Duisburg Business & Innovation, and Benoît Verhulst from Missions Publiques, will offer different perspectives on leveraging Transition Super-Labs to catalyse regional transformation. 

With a focus on collaborative problem-solving, the discussion aims to explore both the obstacles and opportunities in achieving regional sustainability goals. Moreover, audience engagement will be actively encouraged through the interactive SLIDO tool, allowing participants to contribute to the conversation and shape the direction of the dialogue.

In essence, the event promises to be a platform for exchanges and innovative ideas, driving momentum towards a more sustainable and inclusive future for Europe and beyond.

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