Morgane and Thomas

On 29 November 2023, TRANSFORMER Project Manager, Morgane Juliat, and Project Coordinator, Thomas Meister, held a presentation during the "Next Generation SUMPs" session at the annual POLIS Conference 2023. 

Their presentation “From Fragmentation to Integration: The role of Transition Super-Labs in accelerating the transformation of regions towards climate neutrality​” delved into how to expedite the shift towards climate neutrality, emphasising the pivotal role of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans, SUMPs, in regional contexts. 

Addressing an audience of mobility experts, practitioners, and decision-makers from both the public and private sectors, Juliat and Meister underscored the benefits of a holistic, regional approach to achieving the ambitious climate goals. 

Morgane presenting


Key Takeaways: 

Scaling Up Living Labs: 

To foster an inclusive and equitable transition, Juliat and Meister advocated for the expansion of living labs from the local to the regional level, and herewith facilitate a just and inclusive transition.

Portfolio of Innovative Solutions: 

Recognising the interconnected nature of sectors and policies, the experts stressed the importance of developing a comprehensive portfolio of innovative solutions. This approach aims to harness cross-sectoral synergy effects, propelling systemic transformations that benefit not only transportation but also other sectors. 

SUMP Implementation at Regional Scale: 

Highlighting the significance of SUMPs at the regional level, Juliat and Meister emphasised the need to create synergies with other sectors, ensuring a holistic approach to sustainable mobility and achieving climate neutrality. 

Strengthening Stakeholder Cooperation: 

The TRANSFORMER partners urged attendees to strengthen stakeholder cooperation, fostering alliances that go beyond the scale of SUMPs. This cooperative approach, they argued, is essential for achieving not just sustainable urban mobility but overarching climate neutrality goals. 

The conference provided a platform for thought leaders, practitioners, and enthusiasts to exchange insights, paving the way for a less fragmented, more sustainable future.