ev charging

Emilia-Romagna TSL is set to host an online workshop on electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure planning for municipalities in the Emilia-Romagna region with inhabitants exceeding 30,000. 

The event, scheduled for 24 January 2024, from 11:00 - 13:00, aims to facilitate a more efficient transition to electric mobility in the region. The workshop, focusing on Use Case No. 3 – Electric Mobility –,  will bring together key stakeholders, experts, and public officials to address the challenges and opportunities associated with the creation of a robust network of charging stations for public use. 

Motus-E, the pioneering association in Italy comprising industrial operators, automotive companies, academia, and opinion movements, will play a central role in the workshop. Their objective is to accelerate the shift towards electric mobility in Italy. 

A highlight of the workshop will be the presentation and detailed explanation of the "Handbook for implementation of a network of charging stations for public use". This handbook, edited by Motus-E, is expected to serve as a guide for municipalities seeking to establish effective and accessible EV charging infrastructure. 

The interactive nature of the workshop will foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among participants, helping to streamline the planning and implementation of the charging network.