The two-day Consortium meeting of the TRANSFORMER Project held in Western Macedonia, Greece, served as a pivotal moment for the project's progression. Over the course of the event, project milestones were reviewed, and discussions centred around the integration of project outcomes post-implementation. The meeting, which took place on the 20th and 21st of March 2024, was characterised by a surge of activity and engagement among participants.

The first day of the Consortium meeting, primarily dedicated to technical discussions, commenced with updates on all six working packages of the project. The day featured six Interactive Working Sessions, each focusing on key aspects of the project's implementation. These sessions covered topics such as action plans, governance arrangements, and spatial planning. Through lively discussions, participants delved into strategies for the long-term implementation of Transition Super-Labs (TSLs) and underscored the importance of addressing cross-cutting themes like energy and mobility to effect comprehensive systemic change. Key takeaways highlighted the necessity of stakeholder engagement, coordination, and integrated approaches to achieve sustainable outcomes.

The day's proceedings continued with Interactive Working Sessions dedicated to updating the roadmap, finalising the toolkit, and identifying stakeholders for the Transition Readiness Assessment Framework. These sessions provided valuable opportunities for collaboration and refinement of project strategies, showcasing the commitment of regional stakeholders to advancing sustainable development and governance. Noteworthy discussions between stakeholders from different regions demonstrated a shared commitment to sustainable development despite challenges in areas such as conflict resolution and cross-sectorial planning.

Day two of the Consortium meeting featured speeches from key figures, including regional leaders such as Georgios Amanatidis, Georgia Ayfantopoulou, and Anastasios Sidiropoulos. These speeches underscored the significance of the TSLs in Western Macedonia and reiterated their commitment to the success of the project. Updates and lessons from TSLs across various regions highlighted both progress and challenges. Stakeholders emphasised phased approaches aligned with European emission reduction goals and showcased innovative efforts to accelerate climate neutrality, such as the establishment of Kozani’s Transition Living Lab & Data Space.

Throughout the meeting, it became evident that sustained efforts and innovative approaches are essential for successful transition implementation. Collaboration opportunities were emphasised, and the shared vision of stakeholders reiterated the TRANSFORMER Project's commitment to driving meaningful change towards a more sustainable future.