What is a Transition Super-Lab?

Transition Super-Labs have the potential to drive climate action. They bring together representatives from business, government, science, and civil society to co-create and implement multiple innovative solutions at a regional scale. 

Reasons for Enrolling in the User Forum

The TRANSFORMER User Forum provides an excellent platform for European regions to collaborate, share knowledge, and replicate successful social innovation initiatives using the TSL methodology. Participants will enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Engage in knowledge exchange, capacity building, and networking with like-minded individuals and organisations. 
  • Gain insights into ongoing Transition Super-Lab projects in Emilia Romagna (Italy), Lower Silesia (Poland), Ruhr Area (Germany), and Western Macedonia (Greece)
  • Access information about funding opportunities through our extensive partner network. 
  • Secure funding to conduct studies that assess the potential and challenges of TSL implementation in the involved region. 
  • Contribute to a roadmap blueprint, toolkit, and knowledge hub that support both pilot regions and others across Europe. 

Eligibility criteria 

TRANSFORMER is actively seeking individuals and entities aligned with the following:

  • Organisations, businesses, and civil society groups in the EU interested in hosting a Transition Super-Lab. 
  • Innovators who are already experimenting with scaling up living lab methodologies for regional sustainability goals. 
  • Individuals with prior experience in initiatives aimed at achieving regional sustainability goals, involving stakeholder engagement from the quadruple/quintuple helix. 

Participation Matters

Active engagement is at the heart of TRANSFORMER’s mission. By joining the TRANSFORMER User Forum, participants commit to: 

  • Participating in most forum events and workshops to foster knowledge exchange and collaboration. 
  • Sharing experiences and expertise to help collectively achieve climate neutrality. 
  • Defining a replication plan for regions to start a Transition Super-Lab based on participants’ learnings from the forum and testing some of the TSL methodologies

Key Dates

The TRANSFORMER User Forum call closes on 15 October 2023. Proposal evaluations will be completed within two weeks after the closing date. The User Forum will officially commence on 1 November 2023.

Please follow the link for further information