The ICTR has been a major event in the field of transportation research for the past 21 years. Potential ICTR participants include the research and academic community, as well as the public and private sectors involved in the development and implementation of innovative projects in the field of transport

Providing sustainable, safe, and inclusive transport solutions is vital for meeting the needs of people and ensuring the efficient transportation of goods both within and between cities. Sustainable Urban Mobility and Logistics Plans are the cornerstones of transport within Europe's towns and cities. At the same time, the current energy crisis affects all transport sectors, while the environmental goals set worldwide to achieve climate-neutral transport make research a priority for formulating proposals about the future of transport.

In this context, the objective of the Conference is to showcase recent top-notch research activities in transportation, merge research findings and policy-making tasks, facilitate the exchange of knowledge at the local and international levels and draw conclusions and shape recommendations for clean and accessible multimodal transportation in Greece and abroad