European Week of Regions and Cities - Side Event

The event “Adapting Living Lab methodologies for sustainability transitions at regional scale” took place on 17 October 2023.

The event focused on new approaches to accelerating the transformation towards climate neutrality and sustainability, inviting three changemakers to share their thoughts and perspectives: Dr Georgia Ayfantopoulou, research director at CERTH and deputy director at HIT, Linda Maiwald, Coordinator at Project TRUST and Dr Artur Serra, deputy director of i2cat Foundation and member of ENoLL executive board. Drawing from the insights of TRANSFORMER, TRUST and INTEGER project, the online session explored and discussed the opportunities for adapting Living Lab methodologies to co-create and implement large-scale systemic solutions.


Prof Dr Matthias Kiese
Introduction and welcome

Dr Georgia Ayfantopoulou
Transition Super-Lab concept and process
Similarities and differences between Living Labs and Transition Super-Labs
Overview of TSL activities and first results

Linda Maiwald
​​​​​​​Experiences within Climate Neutral Görlitz 2030 at TRUST

Dr Artur Serra
Experiences within the Living Lab fields, INTEGER project

Panel discussion



Dr Georgia Ayfantopoulou

Research Director and Deputy Director of CERTH/HIT

Dr Artur Serra

i2CAT deputy Director, lead of the ENoLL Working Group on Social Innovation & Digital Rights 
Member of the ENoLL Executive Board

Linda Maiwald

Coordinator for Climate Neutral Görlitz 2030 at TRUST